A jade group of a phoenix and young

Jade phoenix and young


Late Ming dynasty
Length: 3 in, 7.6 cm

the birds’ heads are turned over their backs and they clasp the stems of a floral branch in their beaks. They are well worked with curling crests and wings, the adult’s worked with low relief archaistic decoration of dots and scrolls, and long curling tail feathers; their legs and feet are worked in shallow relief to the underside. The stone varies in tone from celadon, through grey to a deep russet tone.

Provenance: The Dubois family collection. An English private collection, purchased from Messrs Marchant, London.

Illustrated: Marchant, Chinese Jade Carvings from Han to Qing (London, 2005), no. 61, p. 63.

For a Song prototype, see James C. Y. Watt, Chinese Jades from the Collection of the Seattle Art Museum (Seattle, 1989), no. 36, p. 62.