A jade bird and peach branch

Jade bird


17th to 18th century
Length: 3 1/8 in, 8 cm

the bird has its head turned to the right and holds a large branch of fruiting leafy peach, which trails over its body in high relief, in its beak. The jade bird is finely worked with large eyes, and its legs and claws are worked to the underside; its wings and tail are incised with various kinds of feathers. The semi-translucent stone is a celadon-green tone with extensive areas of russet used intelligently within the design.

For similar examples, see Chung Wah Pui, Carol Michaelson and Jenny So, Chinese Jade Animals (Hong Kong, 1996), no. 162, pp. 172–3; and John Johnston and Chan Lai Pik, 5,000 Years of Chinese Jade (San Antonio, 2011), no. 85, p. 122.