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An archaic bronze vessel and cover (zhi)

Archaic bronze vessel zhi

Shang dynasty
Height: 6 1/4 in, 15.9 cm

of oval section, the pear-shaped body of the wine vessel, supported on a tall spreading foot, terminates in a waisted neck with an upright rim; the domed cover, with a sloping flange on the inside, is surmounted by a conical cap on a post. A band of leiwen, interrupted by two low flanges, encircles the neck, and another surrounds the foot. The cover is also cast with a band of leiwen. The bronze bears a mellow patina with some malachite encrustation.

Formerly in a European private collection.

For a related example, see Zhongguo Qingtongqi Quanji (Beijing, 1997), no. 134, p. 138, excavated at Liujiazhuang, Anyang, Henan province, in 1985.