A rare small blue-splashed pottery ewer

A rare small blue-splashed pottery ewer


Tang dynasty
Height: 2 in, 5.1 cm

Supported on a solid conical foot, the globular body rises to a waisted neck and terminates in an everted lip. A double-stranded loop handle is set opposite the short animal-headed spout. The buff earthenware body is covered with a white slip, splashed with blue, and a transparent glaze that stops well short of the foot.

Formerly in the R. F. A. Riesco collection.

For similar examples, see Hasebe et al, Tang Pottery and Porcelain, no. 68, p. 101; Krahl, Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection, Vol. One, no. 267, p. 152; Medley, An Exhibition of Tang Sancai Pottery Selected from the collection of Alan and Simone Hartman, no. 36, pp. 66–7; and Three-colour Glazed Pottery Kilns of the Tang Dynasty at Huangye, colour pl. 24, fig. 4.

A small ewer with similar blue splashes, but with a conical spout, is illustrated in Chinesische Kunst, no. 411, p. 169.