A rare painted enamel plaque

Rare Painted Enamel Plaque


18th century
Width: 7 3/4 in, 19.7 cm

of rectangular form and delicately painted in the famille-rose palette. European figures, two elegant young women, one standing on the steps holding a basket of flowers and one seated, two gentlemen, and four children, are gathered on a terrace beside a lotus pond. One of the gentleman sits on the steps playing a cittern, accompanied by one child playing a flute and another playing clappers, a third child fishes in the lotus pond and a fourth tries to play with the second gentleman, who wears a tricorn hat.

Illustrated: Hildeburgh, W L; “Chinese Painted Enamels with European Subjects” (in The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs, Vo.l 79, No. 462 (September 1941), pp. 78–89), pl. IIA.

A saucer with related decoration of European figures seated on steps playing musical instruments is illustrated in Gillingham, Michael; Chinese Painted Enamel (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1978), no. 31, dated Yongzheng or early Qianlong period.