A rare jade vase

A rare jade vase


Late 18th century
Height: 8 in, 20.3 cm

The sides of the shield-shaped body rise from a spreading oval foot to a short waisted shoulder and terminate in a long waisted neck with an upright rim. Two animal-mask loop handles, suspending loose rings, issue from the neck. Each wide face of the body is decorated in low relief with a banana plant and rocks; the leaves of the plant are finely incised. The rims are incised with key-fret. The semi-translucent stone is a pale celadon.green tone with some cloudy-white and grey inclusions, and bears a fine polish.

Formerly in a European private collection.

While banana plants are often found as a decorative motif on Transitional blue and white porcelain, it is extremely rare to find them as the sole subject of decoration on jade.