A jade belt buckle

A jade belt buckle


18th century
Length: 3 1/4 in, 8.3 cm

In the form of a monkey, holding a rope in both hands, riding on the back of a horse. The horse has its head turned over its back and one foreleg raised; it wears a halter, and has an incised mane and tail. Two large buttons protrude from the concave reverse of the buckle. The semi-translucent stone is a cloudy greyish-white tone.

This subject represents the rebus Mashang fenghou (May you immediately be appointed a high-ranking position).

A similar example is illustrated in Xue, Zhongguo Yuqi Shangjian, no. 161, p. 103.
See also Wang, Belt Ornaments Through The Ages: Wellington Wang Collection, p. 215, for another example, dated Ming.