A fine jade ewer

Jade ewer


18th century
Height: 6 1/2 in, 16.5 cm

with a high, hollow, spreading foot, a swollen body, a tall, steeply flaring mouth with an everted lip, and a handle in the form of an archaistic phoenix. The vessel is worked in low relief with archaistic decoration: taotie masks around the body between registers of rosettes, formed of scrolls, around the mouth and foot; narrow bands of key-fret are incised around the rims. The stone of the jade ewer is a pale celadon-green tone with russet markings.

For a similar example, see Guido Fossati, The World of Jade: Great Masterpieces of Chinese Art (Avenel, New Jersey, 1994), p. 94.

A related example, with a cover, is illustrated in Charles Q. Mason, Spinach Green and Mutton-Fat White: Chinese Jades of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911) (Gainesville, Florida, 2006), pp. 28–9.