A cloisonné enamel jardinière

Cloisonne jardiniere

CCE 568

18th century
Diameter: 8 1/4 in, 21 cm

with flaring lobed sides, a gilt-bronze everted flange rim, chased with key-fret, and gilt-bronze simulated rope bands around the foot and body. The vessel is decorated in coloured enamels on a red ground: each lobe of the upper section with a bat either side of a shou (longevity) character; and each lobe of the lower with a bat suspending a wan character above a bat suspending lingzhi fungus.

For similar examples, see Quette, Cloisonné: Chinese Enamels from the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, no. 138, p. 295, in the collection of Les Arts Décoratifs-musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris; Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum, The Prime Cultural Relics Collected by Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum: The Enamel Volume, no. 9, pp. 78–9; and Wan, Wang and Lu, Daily Life in the Forbidden City, fig. 215, pp. 156–7, in situ in the Palace of Concentrated Beauty.

Note also a lacquer jardinière of this form in Chen, Many Splendors: Yuan, Ming and Qing Lacquerware from the Chao Collection, no. 108, p. 257.