A carved red lacquer dish

Lacquer dish


Qianlong period
Diameter: 11 1/2 in, 29.2 cm

with shallow S-form sides and a broad foot ring. The well is carved with a central blossom, from which leaves alternating with a tied geometric motif issue, surrounded by a frieze of eight flower sprays, chrysanthemum, peony, aster, poppy, lotus, camellia, prunus and rose, and further tied geometric motifs, all reserved against a rosette diaper ground and enclosed by a geometric border. The cavetto is carved with leafy lotus against the same diaper ground between cloud-lappet borders, the exterior sides with more elaborate lotus above a band of wavy lappets, and the foot rim with key-fret. The rim is bound with gilt-metal imitating bamboo, and the base is lacquered black.

For similar examples, see Carved Lacquer in the Collection of the Palace Museum, no. 360; and Wu, Masterpieces of Chinese Carved Lacquer Ware in the National Palace Museum, pl. 31.