A blanc-de-Chine incense burner

Blanc-de-Chine incense burner


17th century
Width: 8 1/4 in, 21 cm

of archaic bronze gui form. The compressed globular body, supported on a conical foot with a moulded edge, has a flared lip; two loop handles, with pendent tabs and issuing from bold animal masks, are set on the sides of the vessel. The body is decorated with a broad frieze of two archaistic taotie masks, between raised geometric scrollwork, interrupted by the handles. The foot is decorated with a band of archaistic dragons. Apart from the foot rim, the vessel is covered with an ivory-white glaze.

Formerly in the collection of J. M. Hu.

Illustrated: James C. Y. Watt, An Exhibition of Te Hua Porcelain (Art Gallery, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1975), no. 44.

For a similar example, see Sichuan Museum, Selected Cultural Relics of the Sichuan Museum (Beijing, 2009), pp. 172–3.