A very fine jade ring-handled bowl

Jade marriage bowl
CJ1703 Jade marriage bowl


18th century
Width: 8 3/8 in, 21.3 cm

the thick, steeply flaring walls rise from four rectangular feet, and two handles, suspending loose rings each pierced and worked in high relief as a butterfly with outspread overlapping wings and long antennae, issue from the rim. The well is worked in high relief with a spray of flowers. The semi-translucent stone is a greenish-white tone with cloudy striations, and bears a fine polish. (With a carved wood stand.)

Formerly in a European private collection, purchased from Messrs John Sparks in November 1954.

For similar examples, see Robert Kleiner, Chinese Jades from the Collection of Alan and Simone Hartman (Hong Kong, 1996) no. 89, p. 106; and Angela McAteer, The Woolf Collection of Chinese Jade (London, 2013), no. 71, pp. 180–1.

A related example in the form of a peach is illustrated in Humphrey K. F. Hui and Tina Yee-wan Pang, Virtuous Treasures: Chinese Jades for the Scholar’s Table (Hong Kong, 2008), no. 12, pp. 60 1.