A rare jade lotus rhizome

A rare jade lotus rhizome


18th century
Length: 5 3/4 in, 14.6 cm

The boat-shaped root is comprised of four irregular lobes. A flower, a seed pod, leaves and an arrowhead are worked in high relief over the root, and their stems are tied at the cut end of the rhizome, where there are shallow holes. The veins of the leaves and the seeds are incised. The semi-translucent stone is a greenish-white tone with some russet markings. (With a wood stand.)

For similar examples, see Lin, Jade: Ch’ing Dynasty Treasures, no. 38, p. 102; Na, Wu and Ch’en, Masterworks of Chinese Jade in the National Palace Museum, no. 31; and Zhang, Mingdai Yuqi, pl. 135, no. 183.

For another, see our Summer 2009 catalogue, no. 91, pp. 110–11.