Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics

Roger Keverne Ltd is a specialist dealer in Chinese ceramics and works of art. The gallery is situated on the second floor of 16 Clifford Street, off New Bond Street, in the heart of London’s premier art and antiques district. With a total between them of over 60 years’ experience in the Chinese Art market, Roger Keverne and Miranda Clarke, his wife, have run the company since 1997.

Roger Keverne Ltd always carries a large and fine stock of Chinese ceramics and decorative arts. The company is happy to provide valuations, guidance on bidding at auction, as well as advice on restoration.



A selection of fine vases, incense burners, lacquer, vases and boxes…



A selection of painted and woven textiles…



A fine selection of paintings and reverse glass painting…

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Finely painted with many Guangzhou authority war junks, distinguishable by their red eyebrows and black bulwarks, in the foreground, left middle ground, and left background; they fly red flags, some of which bear illegible black characters. Along the coast in the right background are pirate vessels. In the pass, two war junks are attacking several of the pirate vessels, and assault parties have been launched in smaller boats. Some of the pirates are fleeing the vessels in the cove and escaping up the hill. The action takes place on a calm sea either early or late in the day, with a low sun through the clouds; the cloud pattern is fairly typical of an autumn or winter morning sky in Guangdong province.

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